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  • OSHA 10 General Entertainment Safety (GES)
    Updated On: Mar 16, 2020

     IATSE Local 488 has asked that all 488 members attend OSHA 10 GES training by December 2021. 

    We know some are waiting until closer to the deadline. However we won't be able to get everyone thru the class if we have the majority of folks wait until 2021. This course serves an overview of essential safety protocols and procedures for our industry, in our shops, offices and on set. It’s a baseline of critical knowledge for entry level crew members as well as seasoned Craftspeople. All Members who haven't had this course should sign up !

    Please Join Us For the Next OSHA 10 General Entertainment Safety classes:


    Download Your Application Today

    This course serves an overview of essential safety protocols and procedures for our industry, both in our shops and on set. It’s a baseline of critical knowledge for entry level crew members and seasoned Craftspeople.

    OSHA 10 helps ensure we can all depend on a safe and healthy workplace.

    New and current Members sign up today!

    Members are saying:

    “ I somewhat begrudgingly signed up for the OSHA 10 a year ago and presumed it would be a dry and boring class, just something that I had to get through as it was likely in my best interest and was now required.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not only incredibly informative, but also engaging.  There are segments of the class that are ingrained in my head  about safety awareness and being prepared, that I guarantee will be true for all of our members when they take the class.”

    New standards set by your IATSE Local 488 ask all new members (from February 2019 forward) to obtain this certification within two years of joining! 

    In addition all current members are asked to take the OSHA 10 Certification by December 2021

    Local 488 is committed to providing our Members with the safety training our industry and employers demand. 

    Course Description:
    This training covers safe work practices on stage, in our prodcution offices, and on location using OSHA policies, procedures, and standards, as well as general industry safety and health principles.

    Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are the most hazardous in our workplace, using OSHA standards as a guide.

    This is a 10 hour course, split into two days. This means there is a minimum of 10 hours of total instruction time  required by OSHA for certification. This time allotment does not take into account time for: your questions of the instructor, breaks, or lunch breaks. Class is usually 8 hours on Day 1 and 4-5 hours on Day 2.

    OSHA stands for Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

    OSHA 10 courses exist for a number of different industries and are becoming mandatory in many.

    Our General Entertainment Safety version of this course is designed specifically for the Entertainment Industry and will greatly enhance your awareness of safety on set and in the production office

    $15 Registration Fee! 

    Fees due prior to class day!

    Lunch Will Be Provided Each Day.

    To sign up:

    • Choose the application attachement for the date and city which you want to attend.
    • Download and complete the fillable, PDF application
    • Fill out the app and email to SouthernBA@IATSE488.org

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